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Kerbal Space Program 2- KERBALS IN SPACE!!!
so after about a week i bought Stellaris, a brand new 4XGS hybrid game from paradox interactive. playing around with the myriad of early mods i found this gem.

long after being the pioneering kerbalnauts seen in KSP, Bob, Bill, and Jebediah are now the main scientists behind efforts to spread the KSP magic (correction: conquest) across the galaxy!
as close as it gets to Master Chief in Halo Online
fiddling around with ELDewrido AKA Halo Online armor permutations, trying to get as close to Halo 3 master chief as i can. since it lacks any pre-reach armors i have to go for as close as you can get. at least the olive drab color is perfectly spot on.

helmet: air assault
chest: dutch
shoulders: hammerhead
arms: ballista
legs: oracle


primary: hexadecimal #597859, RGB 89-120-89
secondary: hexadecimal #597859, RGB 89-120-89
visor: hexadecimal #FFB800 RGB 255-184-0
lights: pure white
holo: pure white
Halo Online
oh hell yeah. we asked for it for nearly a decade. back in 2015, microsoft released a semi-open beta for a a bonafide F2P Halo game based on a suped-up halo 3 engine... in russia... and only russia. ...yeah. also P2W microtransactions. needless to say, it was mere days (as legend goes) that modders got a hold of the leaked code much to the unknowing joy of halo fans (like yours truly).

fast forward a year later (and the official game itself being shut down for further refinements), you have ELDewrito (a parody of the name of the Halo Online executible el dorado), a slightly buggy and mostly localised overhaul/mod of Halo Online remade by modders for the general public, WITHOUT the need for a proxy network.

i'm so happy. while the helmets may have an unfortunate problem of trying to be more than what they are- and hard to like, the many varied armor options and long-awaited addition of an actual RGB color slider for both armor AND visor is a very nice touch. as for the gameplay, it's halo 4 graphics alongside halo reach graphics in the halo 3 engine, albeit one slightly different from H3 and ODST from 2007/2009

when the first versions of this mod came out in 2015, microsoft tried and tried to shut them down... until they seemingly gave up. and as of 2 days before this post, I had only just heard about ELDewrito from watching a Chilled Chaos video (thanks Anthony!)

but enough of my rambling! the modders have an active community at their subreddit at

and if you get fragged by a "Admiral Aruon" in MatchMaking... well, consider my regards sent. ;)


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